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This is the magic recipe the ladies from the Garden Club gave me. If you run into some antique linens and want to make them look like new, here's your recipe.

Bed linen sets can be pulled in the same way as clothes and can be worn over time. How do I wash my linens?

If you dampen your bed linen under appropriate conditions, you can use it for a long time without worn out. There is a possibility that towels washed with very hot water will pull out. In addition, excessively hot water causes your bedclothes to wear out very quickly. Ideal for tearing down 40-degree bedding sets. Providing 40 degrees of energy saving also helps. Also, the bed linen that was washed at 40 degrees gives much better results than the 90 degree washers. You can use the recipe on the photo to wash your old linens and make them like new ones.