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When looking at 3D wall designs, you should look at more than just the results and value what it takes to achieve the effects versus the disadvantages inherent in such a project. Before you invest in 3D wall murals or 3D art walls, you should look at the both the positive and negative elements that make up 3D wall designs modern. Let’s take a look at what makes 3D wall décor special and why so many people are attracted to this relatively new form of Wall designs. Space: 3D wall designs create the effect of having more space, an optical illusion that gives depth to the design itself. The illusion of depth can sometimes be indistinguishable from reality, depending on the image that is presented. The drawings that are created, especially if they depict realistic environments can give the viewer a much greater sense of how they would look in the real world. If you are doing CAD designs, then 3D can help the viewer imagine what they would look like in our world. Advancement: The shift to 3D wall designs was in full swing by the beginning of this century. Needless to say, the major advancements in these designs are mostly in the 3D field. Given the prominence that 3D has in movies and TV, the general populace tends to expect more 3D to appear in wall designs and the like. Therefore, the money to develop new wall designs goes mostly towards 3D. However, not all 3D wall designs are advantageous to those working in the field. There are still some good reasons to have traditional 2D wall designs and the like available. Here are a couple of disadvantages of 3D wall designs. Cost: Perhaps the most obvious one is the sheer cost of 3D over their traditional counterparts. This is natural since the amount of technology and resources needed to create the 3D effect is far greater than the traditional images that were so prevalent for decades. While the cost in many cases can be worth the expense, it is still a barrier to many who want to get into this field. Relevance: Does every wall design have to be rendered in 3D? Actually, most images created are quite fine in the traditional 2D, meaning that for the most part you may be wasting resources because a great number, if not a vast majority of the images created do not need the 3D treatment. In fact, you can become so enamored with using 3D that you apply it to images where none is needed and reduce the quality of your work. Despite some of the disadvantages, 3D wall images will be around and leading the way for the foreseeable future. Investing in 3D wall design programs is a must, but the wise person will know when to fully use the technology and when to limit it for their projects. Understanding all the ramifications of 3D wall designs starts with knowing what you want to accomplish and then reaching your goals.

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