Old western-style house interior redesign by Japanese architects no.555 located in Yokohama. Project finished in 2012. Enjoy!

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Description by no.555 This location was foreign settlement, and this building was built about 100years ago. In Japan, It is very rare that old western-style house is keeping for privately owned. That alone may be worth. While I will also recover performance, I felt that should leave the existing State as much as possible. However, was repair of the building is not simple. On three sides of the building is an architecture wall , but another wall is civil wall. Them it is a retaining wall. However, I don’t resist against rainwater. When it rains, the rainwater comes from retaining walls. Instead, I made to discharg rainwater outside the system. Thereby, I could achieve “Atmosphere” “performance” and “minimum cost”. The outer wall is still old for keep appearance of building . Structural reinforcement is one pillar removal / addition carefully, and spend more time worked. In modern Japan, it is “scrap – build” trend for the old things or troublesome things. However , it is a things with a new one , will erase the memory. This project is incomplete as the building. This project is incomplete as the building. However, I wanted to leave the more important than functionality of “memory” in “an imperfect choice” best choice. Visit no.555