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The B/S/H/ office building located in Hoofddorp, Netherlands was designed by William McDonough + Partners in collaboration with D/DOCK. The architects and designers have integrated a number of sustainable features, including a green wall and sun-seeking roof that maximizes natural daylight. Enjoy the gallery!

B/S/H/ Office by William McDonough + Partners and D/DOCK 1

B/S/H/ Office by William McDonough + Partners and D/DOCK 2

B/S/H/ Office by William McDonough + Partners and D/DOCK 3

B/S/H/ Office by William McDonough + Partners and D/DOCK 4

B/S/H/ Office by William McDonough + Partners and D/DOCK 5

B/S/H/ Office by William McDonough + Partners and D/DOCK 6

B/S/H/ Office by William McDonough + Partners and D/DOCK 7

B/S/H/ Office by William McDonough + Partners and D/DOCK 8

B/S/H/ Office by William McDonough + Partners and D/DOCK 9

B/S/H/ Office by William McDonough + Partners and D/DOCK 10

Description by William McDonough + Partners The Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte (B/S/H/): The Inspiration House, is the first building designed for Park 20|20 (the first Cradle to Cradle-inspired full-service development in the Netherlands), and is home to five of the top brands in household appliances: Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau, Neff and Constructa. This is the first time the offices and showrooms supporting these brands have been under one roof together. Designed as a flexible, innovative workplace, B/S/H/ includes a full-height, four-story atrium and showrooms that can be converted to offices as needed. Slimbouwen technology, which employs a panelized structural floor system with separate prefabricated services, was incorporated to reduce volume, waste, and construction time while allowing further flexibility and demountability. Interior spaces are designed to encourage occupant well-being through individual user controls, fresh air and sunlight, and materials assessments to ensure that safe and healthy products are used throughout the construction and use of the building. This is the first building to be complete at Delta Development’s Park 20|20. Unlike conventional offices, this facility will be open in the evenings and on weekends, providing the company a public profile and accessible posture to the community and enlivening the area. Description by D/DOCK The choice was made for a new building in Park 20l20, a new Cradle to Cradle-inspired office park in Hoofddorp. Its openness made it possible to create the desired inviting and open environment. Also its high level of sustainability fitted perfectly with the vision of B/S/H/ on that issue (the company gives this high priority). U.S. architecture firm William McDonough + Partners designed this flexible, innovative workplace, including many sustainable features, such as a full-height, four-story atrium with an indoor/outdoor Living Green Wall and Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) roof that maximizes energy and day lighting. D/DOCK developed a tailor-made interior for the ultimate experience of the B/S/H/ brand and as a unique work environment. The result is a welcoming place that radiates a sense of calm, open for everyone, everywhere and at any time. Optimal lighting, tactile materials, soft colors and flexible design elements throughout maximize the experience and well-being of the people and emphasize the open structure and the vision of B/S/H/ as a company. Every time the perfect balance was sought between combining the five brands on one hand, and keeping their own brand identity on the other: give clarity to the total, with attention for the individual. The result is a very flexible facility, easy to adapt to any brand or function. A good example of this is the cooking school. In a very short time the appliances of one brand can be changed to that of another, so all brands can use the space at any time. The same goes for the auditorium, and even the bar and restaurant, where personnel, visitors and retailers are welcome to sit and relax or have (informal) meetings. The central core (the atrium), on the first two floors, houses the Experience Centre – named ‘Inspiratiehuis 20l20’. Here each of the brands has their own publicly accessible showroom, where they make their products come alive. D/DOCK worked in close cooperation with B/S/H/ to design the office spaces on the two top floors, according to the innovative ‘new way of working’ principle. The space is composed of zones, alternative workplaces and a flexible use of furniture, and each floor features a ‘hub’. This is a central space where all the community functions are clustered, as well as the management. A big part of the interior, including all refurbishments like the Shaw carpet, is supplied under the Fornature terms. These terms guarantee that all interior products will return to the supplier after the end of use, to stimulate reuse and to ensure a second-life for all interior elements. By choosing Fornature, B/S/H participates in creating a cyclical system of material reuse and recycling and ultimately means less raw material use and an enormous waste reduction. Visit William McDonough + Partners Visit D/DOCK