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You don’t have to be an all-the-way minimalist.  You could maintain that crisp clean minimalist style in the living room.  But then, why not surprise yourself by a burst of colors when you enter the bedroom?   It’s like stepping into a different world, in your own abode.  You can do this by adapting a bohemian style bedroom. Bohemian style is all about contrasting colors.  Curtains are one of the staple accessories of a bohemian style bedroom.  Hang colorful curtains of different fabrics, texture and designs on your bedroom walls.

Color Up Your Bedroom With Bohemian Style Curtains 1

Multi-color curtains of different textures and fabrics provide an attractive contrast You can create a quilt-like array of floor-length curtains by alternating laced plains, ruffled ginghams, tasseled satins, and silks with oriental designs.

Color Up Your Bedroom With Bohemian Style Curtains 2

Ginghams and plaids make a quilt-like effect The door lintel and the window overhead may be adorned with mini curtains of varied colors.   You may also use long curtains, all you have to do is create knots until the length resembles a mini curtain.  Again, the key is to alternate colors.

Color Up Your Bedroom With Bohemian Style Curtains 3

Mini curtains are ideal for door lintels  

Color Up Your Bedroom With Bohemian Style Curtains 4

Long curtains could be knotted into shorter curtains with style Stimulate a dreamy bedroom charm by hanging crystal or glass bead chandelier curtains around your bed.  The opalescent highlights of the beads and the seemingly echoing tinkering chime sound will make you fall asleep easily and dream sweet dreams.  When the bedroom lights are dim, the beads will create a glow in the dark sparkles.  It’s like having twinkling stars over your head.

Color Up Your Bedroom With Bohemian Style Curtains 5

Crystal bead curtins gives a dreamy appeal to the bedroom Another good option is the multi-color silk fabric strand curtains.  The silk fabric strands are threaded through glass beads which are separated in varied spaces to create design.  The strands are then gathered together by a humongous buckle.  When used to accessorize the bed area, the silk strands will gently brush the skin once you draw the curtain to lie on the bed.  The rainbow-like colors of the silk fabric strands brighten up the room and your mood.

Color Up Your Bedroom With Bohemian Style Curtains 6

Silk thread curtains are very oriental and have royal apperance A less expensive type of bohemian curtain is the gathering of several strands of wooden or bamboo beads and oriental threads. The beads have raw or painted ethnic carvings.   The carved beads and the wooden chime sound provide an Eastern-Mediterranean allured to the bedroom.

Color Up Your Bedroom With Bohemian Style Curtains 7

Oriental threads and wooden beads are Mediterranean inspired The bohemian curtains are each good and colorful by their kind, but you may immerse yourself in a vast sea of colors by using the bohemian curtains altogether.  Your choice— freedom is a reflection of a true bohemian.