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Think about it! What is more important to you? If you have a tight budget, you might not have a second chance. You are preparing your new place, and you are trying to find out what is IN and trendy this period, what does a modern condo look like, what kind of design would be fancy and look modern for further future…

Comfortable or just modern? 1

via Lee Jae-Hyo Have you ever questioned yourself about the comfort of the furniture? Does the chair that looks so luxury is just for watching, or you need to spend most of the time in front of the TV in that same chair. So, before you buy or order something, you better go to a salon, and try it! Or talk to friends about their choice! Or, ask a designer. Most designers admit that most inventive designs they’ve made are not always so comfortable. They made them for an exam, for some kind of project or design competition…

Comfortable or just modern? 2

via Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec What would you sacrifice? You can have them both the comfort and the good look; if you think about the material the piece is made. Is it soft or hard, sharp or round, heavy or not?!

Comfortable or just modern? 3

via Piero Lissoni