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Are you a bookworm and love reading all the time when you make yourself free from work? And of course there is no doubt, it is the most relaxing moment and activity anyone can do to please themselves. But the secret of making this moment more merrier is to have your own reading corner, where everything is silent and comfortable which nothing can distract you. Yet again its the holiday season and any bookworm will get enough time, so then get your reading corner with a squishy chair, decent lighting and curl up yourself with a hot coffee in this lovely weather with your favorite tome. Here I got some tips for you to make your favorite cozy reading nook with some exclusive picture collection. Enjoy!

Create your cozy reading corner! 1

 Pic via; yupiu Very first step would be the place. Find a place that is not too large, but not cramped but somewhere which is away from loud music or distractions, as you know it has to be the most quiet place. Some may have the privilege of having a separate room to have a lovely reading corner, but whoever has limited space, may find these places in your own room or may be in a passage next to a window.

Create your cozy reading corner! 2

Pic via; blalank Then go for a good squishy comfortable chair where you can spend hours and hours with comfort. Depend on the place and your taste you can go for or add more bean bags, blankets and cushions to make the space more sophisticated and cozy. And also a comfy and fluffy rug closer to the chair to keep your feet more warmer.

Create your cozy reading corner! 3

Pic via; dasilvagfx.deviantart Most importantly next step would be to have good lighting to the nook. It is better to build up the reading nook near a window where you will get natural light during day time and use a side lamp, floor reading lamp or overhead light where you can see through properly.

Create your cozy reading corner! 4

Pics via; evermotion A place for storage books would be the next task. Storage, you can create in different ways depending on your space and each ones likings. If it is dedicated only as reading room, you can have enough of book shelves to store and organize it as a library manner where you can find and reach easily. But in limited spaces like small nooks, you can have a book case, small shelve or even some floor baskets for this purpose.

Create your cozy reading corner! 5

Pics via; homedit After main factors if you like you can have a small side table to keep all the pens and store all the important paper cut outs and more your favorite souvenirs, cuddly bears, more pillows and pictures, where you will feel privacy and touch of personalized.

Create your cozy reading corner! 6

Pics via; evermotion