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If you are a happy mom or dad to be and you still haven’t chosen a cradle for the little moonshine, because you still feel like if you find the right one it will speak to you. Well if all of these is you, we will try to help you and provide you with a daily dose of inspiration. A handcrafted cradle in the shape of a crescent moon is what we ‘be prepared for you.  Made of a  natural oak wood, this moon shaped cradle is a real masterpiece, and moreover the one appropriate bed for your moonshine.  This cradle explains the word  “breathtaking”, because of its absolute adorableness and beauty.

Daily Dose of Inspiration- Adorable Moon Shaped Cradle 1

Image Source: Handimania The solid shape of a crescent moon is not a usual one that you see when you are looking over baby’s catalogs. Its unique and natural shape and material is what  makes it so special and one of a kind. Moreover, this cradle may be perfect for you if you are against the massive production, and you want your baby to sleep in a special cradle, a cradle that you will proudly  brag about to your family and friends.

Daily Dose of Inspiration- Adorable Moon Shaped Cradle 2

Image Source: Handimania In case you have already enchanted by this adorable cradle, we have good news for you: it is available for purchase on the following site  CremeAnglaise.  But in case you feel it’s too much costy for your budget , you can always choose the more fun way and try to build one exactly like this by yourself. If you have the right tools and if you are motivated enough,  this cradle is easy to make. And if you manage to do it, it will surely be your best  DIY project.

Daily Dose of Inspiration- Adorable Moon Shaped Cradle 3

Image Source: Handimania Without any doubt, this moon shaped cradle is simply adorable and it will be perfect for your little moonshine.