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Coasters are the favorite item of the neat and organized people,  since a neat person knows how annoying are the glass marks on the coffee table. In case you are a declared  neat person and if your friends most often compare you to Monica Geller from Friends, then we have a pretty fun project for you. Coasters are great , right? – And what will make the coasters more awesome, than they already are? – And the answer of course is : to  make it yourself. We have a super easy tutorial guide of how can you make super funky and colorful coasters out of felt. Check out the tutorial. The needed supplies: -Pen; -Felt ( in three different colors); -Ruler; -Pin; -Craft Glue; – Cutter. 1.Cut the felt    

DIY- Lively and funky felt Coasters 1

Image Source: GoodHomeDesign Measure the felt in (2 cm) with a ruler and with a pen mark the ends for cutting. Repeat the procedure with the other colors. Cut the felt with a cutter or scissors. 2.Take three different colors of felt          

DIY- Lively and funky felt Coasters 2

  Image Source: GoodHomeDesign Take the already cut pieces of felt and put them together at one end.   3. Start Rolling the felt

DIY- Lively and funky felt Coasters 3

  Image Source: GoodHomeDesign Start to rolling the pieces of three different colors in a round shape. Once you are done, glue them in one round shape. 4.Cut another piece of felt for a base    

DIY- Lively and funky felt Coasters 4

  Image Source: GoodHomeDesign Cut a big piece of felt for a base. Then put the round shapes on the base. 5.Glue the rounded shapes on the base    

DIY- Lively and funky felt Coasters 5

Image Source: GoodHomeDesign Glue the round shapes to the base with a craft glue. Cut off the excess material of the field in the shape of a coaster.   6.Enjoy in your new funky coaster    

DIY- Lively and funky felt Coasters 6

  Enjoy in your new funky and adorable coaster.