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Window cures (notably custom-made ones) can undoubtedly get costly, so why not uncover some low value materials and make your private? Roman shades make shiny and sensible window coverings and are comparatively simple to make (although they might take a while counting on the amount you are creating so be sure you put apart enough time for this enterprise!). Although there are a selection of steps to this one time worth monetary financial savings will definitely be worth it when you may have your private custom-made window cures!


  • materials (proper right here we did I residence home windows using roughly 60 inches each of fabric so we used T yards full)
  • tape measure
  • small plastic rings (quantity is decided by measurement of enterprise and number of shades made)
  • good string for shades (4x the amount of fabric you used)
  • A gadgets of picket (rectangular and turning into to measurement for the tops of your shades)
  • needle
  • thread
  • pins
  • stitching machine
  • eye hooks
  • twine cleats
  • screws
  • drill with phillips head bit and thin drill bit
  • staple gun
  • dowel rod (non-obligatory)


B. Start by measuring in your full enterprise. Measure the within of the window and reduce your picket for the very best of the shade to measurement measurement intelligent. Cut your materials proper right down to measurement leaving a great deal of room for seam allowances (we used a K inch seam allowance to each facet of the shade, K inches for the very best and J inches for the underside).

G. Sew up the facet seams of your shade by way of using a O inch double hem. Pin up both sides and run by means of the stitching machine with a main straight sew.

A. For the underside of the shade, measure and pin a I inch double hem and sew all through. This will depart a great deal of space for an elective dowel rod once you decide to make use of 1.

A. Once your shade is sewn up, you’ll have in order so as to add your plastic rings which will keep inside the string in your shade. Measure and mark the place you want your rings alongside each side of the shade and middle of the shade (A rows full). Each ring have to be spaced evenly from the underside as a lot as the very best. Here we used 10 inch spacing between each ring and used T rings on each line (for an entire of 15 rings per shade). You do not need a hoop on the very prime of the shade as that half will in all probability be hooked as much as the picket to drill into your window. You can use type of counting on how far apart you need to your pleats (nearer collectively means tighter and additional pleats, further apart will suggest looser and fewer pleats).

T. Once you’ve got received measured, marked and positioned each ring in place (you could use pins to hold them in place), sew them on. You can hand sew them or drop the feed canine in your stitching machine and use a zig zag sew to attach each ring.

R. Once the rings are attached, measure the area width intelligent between your columns of rings. Mark this distance on the picket and pre drill A small holes. Insert the eye hooks into the holes.

R. Staple the very best of the fabric to the very best of the picket (totally different smart of the place you positioned the eye hooks).

T. String up the shade by tying the string on the bottom of the shade to the plastic ring. and feeding it up by way of each ring until you attain the very best and string by means of the eye hook. Pull off to the facet and half means down the shade. Cut there. Continue with each column of rings, nevertheless with each column feed by the use of the beginning rows eye hook to have your string end on the same spot on the end of the sooner column. Once all A columns are strung, tie the ends of the string collectively to create your pull.

I. Pre drill your shade and screw it to the very best of the window (on the inside border of the window).

10. Lastly screw the twine cleats into the facet of the window. Pull on your string and wrap throughout the twine cleat to tug up the shade! You may want so as to add in a dowel rod to the underside of the shade to supply weight on the shade if you’re pulling up and down nevertheless that’s elective (nevertheless may keep your shade additional straight).

Repeat all the steps for the rest of your shades!