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Winter is that  magical time of the year, when you rather stay at  your warm and cozy home with a hot cocoa , blanket and gaze into the window while the snowflakes are filling the horizon with magical and awe-inspiring touch. Most often those moments are indescribable and peaceful, that you want to capture them into your memory.  And fortunately you can do that, you can capture that moment and put in a jar. That will be a pretty awesome treat for you and for your home. Snow globes are something that we all find super adorable, and to make the snow globes more personal we are going to teach you how to make your own super awesome  snow globes from a jar. The needed supplies: -Glass jars; -Artificial Snow – Hot Glue Gun -Glue -Glitter -Artificial Mini Snowman and Christmas tree   1.Remove the lids

DIY-Waterless Snow Globes from a jar 1

Image Source: TidyMom Remove the lids from the jar and spray silver paint or glitter on them. Spray the snowman and the tree with a glitter spray also. 2.Glue the snowman to the lid  

DIY-Waterless Snow Globes from a jar 2

Image Source: TidyMom Glue the snowman and the tree with a hot glue gun to the lids. 3. Fill the jar with the artificial snow

DIY-Waterless Snow Globes from a jar 3

Image Source: TidyMom   Fill the jars with the artificial snow. 4.Glue the lid to the jar

DIY-Waterless Snow Globes from a jar 4

  Image Source: TidyMom Screw backs the lids to the jars. 5.Enjoy in your Winter Globes

DIY-Waterless Snow Globes from a jar 5

  Image Source: TidyMom Here is your winter in a jar. Have fun and Let it snow.