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Are you afraid of colors and so confused to choose what is the best color for your home or room? Or may be you are bored with pale and dusty colors of your home and need a change. Here we have got all the information what you need to choose the best color for your home and what that color will tell about your personality. We have already discussed in our earlier post about basic brighter shades Red, Orange, Yellow and Green, which you have already known about the reflections of your personality. Lets see what other colors tell about you now!!!!!

Does your wall color speak about you…? (Part 2) 1

Pic via – quakerrose BLUE – True blue is an expression that describe the qualities of loyalty and honesty. The color of water and the sky, blue denotes integrity. Believed to help induce the sleep, hence it is most popular in bed rooms. This color can be a cool and specially baby blue and blue grey is more restful and calming. One of the most popular colors, blue generally has a refreshing sense of tranquility.

Does your wall color speak about you…? (Part 2) 2

Pic via – decor PURPLE – Rich, deep purples call to mind luxury and wealth. The color associated with royalty, purple denotes a luxurious sense of sophistication. An artistic color, purple is considered meditative, spiritual and ritualistic. Rich purples are often used in rooms with a quiet elegance, whereas light purples, such as lilac and lavender, are used to convey a light hearted or romantic feeling. Soft purples can be more feminine than the richer tones of the color, which can create a feeling of splendor and style.

Does your wall color speak about you…? (Part 2) 3

Pic via -paseoner BROWN – he color of nature and the earth underfoot, brown has the feeling of stability and security. A reliable color that ranges from gentle earthy beige and brown – grey to chocolate brown, this earth tone has a sense of timelessness. This mellow an cozy color recall the luscious textures of wood and leather while the warmth of cocoa and coffee browns can be hearty and comforting.

Does your wall color speak about you…? (Part 2) 4

Pic via – naurahomedesign BLACK – Black is the color of understood elegance. A serious color, black has a sense of strength in design. Used as the dominant color in a room, black represents a sense of power and prestige. Again black creates a sense of intrigue, depth and high drama. It is a color that some find magical and sexy and very masculine. However, stature of true black will always embody the style and class.

Does your wall color speak about you…? (Part 2) 5

Pic via – naurahomedesign WHITE – Snowy white is the purest color. Bright white gives the feeling of freshness and purity.White lacks colors of any kind. Since it lacks color of any kind, it is the most popular choice as a background color, as all other colors will be seen in sharp contrast. Off white can bring in more warmth, creamy and pearl colored whites have a warm glow.