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We recently discussed about selecting an area rug for your home to make it complete and elegant visually, while it bring the comfort and coziness to the room. Do you really like to add up a rug and make a statement to your room? But may be unless you select something very much unusual which can make a dramatic change, we will not be succeed on our mission. So I thought why we will not find something so call unusual but which will help to make a change to your room, and found these amazingly gorgeous rug designs. Enjoy!

Dramatic change with an eclectic rug! 1

Nuzrat Carpet Emporium   was officially founded in 1982 and it is one of the best firms in India in the field of manufacturing and exporting of hand made carpets and rugs. They are very much specialized in making wool and silk put together rugs or carpets at the same time with any size or shape. And also make custom rugs and carpets according to the detail what customer require.

Dramatic change with an eclectic rug! 2

Total color palette on one rug! Sonya Winner  is a exceptional designer who designs exceptional rugs that are mostly bright, extremely colorful, vibrant and highly original. Her creations are more contemporary and hand made to meet high quality, which will last for so many generations with modern colorful theme she choses all the time.

Dramatic change with an eclectic rug! 3

 I am blown away with this extremely gorgeous rugs collection from Henzel Studio. Henzel Studio from Sweden is a leading manufacture of contemporary area rugs to upper market. They work closely with the designers, architectures, and designing companies to meet their requirement on creating and manufacturing high end eclectic collection of truly unique rugs and even paintings to match with the rugs.

Dramatic change with an eclectic rug! 4

These fabulous designer rugs collection is from Designer Rugs, Australia by designer duo Easton Pearson. They both established their design partnership in Brisbane, Australia in 1989. You can find their collection in world’s most prestigious stores.

Dramatic change with an eclectic rug! 5

Designer Akira Isogawa from Japan is another extraordinary creative designer, who creates a breathtaking designer rugs for Designer Rugs – Australia. Akira’s love of exploring the juxtaposition between his traditional Japanese heritage and the celebration of Australia’s love of colour, has translated into some exquisite pieces.

Dramatic change with an eclectic rug! 6

Bring a freshness of nature in to your home by this beautiful forest rug from design house Angela Adams. This renowned design house is based in Portland and well known as creators of modern home furnishings including rugs inspired by the timeless beauty of nature.

Dramatic change with an eclectic rug! 7

Definitely these kind of rugs can bring fun to any home or space and make a statement. Bommel Collection, (known as Pom Poms in German language) from MYK is uniquely designed and skillfully hand crafted from high quality wool, which are then combined to create these cozy rugs. These pom poms in multi colored is a very popular rug in designing kids rooms.