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When planning your New Year’s resolutions, consider creating a fresh new look for your home’s interiors. Many of us strive for weight loss achievements, travel goals, picking up new hobbies, but redesigning your home can also be a rewarding experience you may have placed on the back-burner. Have you been meaning to eliminate clutter, or are you dreaming of a new master suite? What about that paint job your kitchen may need? As 2014 rolls around, it is the time to take that project off the “to do” list and dive-in for a fresh start to the New Year. Once the holiday crowd has dissipated and decorations have been put back into their boxes, it is always amazing how empty a space feels. This is a good opportunity for you to think about how you want your home to look and function. Both are important, and with an ounce of planning, they are easy to achieve. Spice Up Your Walls with a Fresh Coat Adding a fresh coat of paint is one of the least expensive things you can do to make a huge impact in your home. Do not rely, however, on a one-inch square color chip to select the right hue. Oftentimes, when paint is applied to a larger space, it is not exactly what you had in mind. Furthermore, paint swatches are printed on paper, not painted. This can also influence the right color selection for your home. To ensure a safer choice and color accuracy, purchase a small amount of the actual paint color you are considering. Paint two coats on four pieces of poster board, letting each coat dry in between. Next, place your painted poster boards on the wall, and assess the color during the day and at night. This will allow you to determine if you have chosen a paint color that matches your personal design style and will blend nicely with the room’s updated theme. If you keep up with fashion color trends, you know that Pantone has just released its 2014 Color Report. Radiant Orchid is listed as the “Color of the Year,” which boasts shades of violet. But, other trendy hues for this year include Placid Blue, Hemlock, Paloma, Violet Tulip, and Sand. All of these would make worthwhile and interesting wall colors for living and bedroom spaces, in light of new beginnings.

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Photo Credit:  Knotting Hill Interiors / Carl Kerridge Photography Revive a Room with Accessories You can also change a room’s entire theme just by swapping out accessories. This is simple and an easy way to revive a room. By adding new throw pillows to sofas and armchairs, you can revamp a space in just a few minutes. They can create that pop of color you need in a room, or serve as a transition accessory to tie together different colors or styles. If you do not want to buy brand new pillows, consider purchasing pre-made fabric covers. Adding new lamps, or even just replacing lamp shades, is another way to breathe new life into an interior space. If you previously had a plain, round shade, consider a square or hexagonal shade with a bold pattern. Keep in mind, you will need the correct measurements prior to purchasing a new shade. Measure the top and bottom diameters in inches as well as the shade height, and ensure a unified match. The smallest changes can help transform a room’s character.

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Photo Credit:  Knotting Hill Interiors / Carl Kerridge Photography Stay Organized by Eliminating Clutter There is no better time to get organized than in the New Year. Make a goal to “stay” organized by pledging to purge the first day of every month. Another good practice is to clean out your closet. For clothing items with which you are not ready to part, turn those hangers around backwards. If, after three months, you have not worn those garments, chances are pretty good you never will. You can safely let those items go, leaving room for new clothing or just to have some extra space. Reduce unnecessary disorder by recycling holiday magazine catalogs that have already been read. Roll them up, and use them as “boot trees.” This will help winter boots keep their shape. Assess each room individually. If you have keepsakes or an area of your home looks crowded, find pretty boxes or hide-away storage bins in which to store the items. You can even have a family “craft” day to custom design the storage boxes, allowing you to spend time with your loved ones while also tackling a necessary project. However you begin the process, start the year with a renewed perspective on home décor and organization.

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Photo Credit:  Knotting Hill Interiors / Matt Silk About Kimberly Grigg: Myrtle Beach, S.C.-based interior designer Kimberly Grigg is the owner of Knotting Hill Interiors and specializes in designing, renovating and redecorating homes in the South, and beyond. To learn more, visit and