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Recently designed by KASIA ORWAT home design for an energetic young single girl, this amazing apartment is situated in Poland.

POLKA /_ Single Space by KASIA ORWAT home design 1

The redesign of this interior used its unusual shape to its advantage. After the functional metamorphosis, the different areas are clear and interconnect with each other. In the dining room, the massive form of the table from the collection 4You by VOX has been refreshed with light, feminine additions: URBAN chairs by IKEA and mint glass MHY from Muuto, all together with the background wallpaper in Scandinavian style.

POLKA /_ Single Space by KASIA ORWAT home design 2

White simple furniture matching perfectly with the light wooden floor and doors. And the turquoise and gray walls cheer up a not so big space.

POLKA /_ Single Space by KASIA ORWAT home design 3

Light plays a major role here. The windows are decorated with wide fins blinds from MDMCONCEPT that can be freely manipulated in order to modify natural lighting during the day. The composition of the mirrors on the wall also brightens and enlarges the interior, and design lamps complete the effect.

POLKA /_ Single Space by KASIA ORWAT home design 4

After the metamorphosis, the apartment has only the necessary furniture – a comfortable, large sofa, a practical table at which you can also comfortably work, and shelves for books and other little things.

POLKA /_ Single Space by KASIA ORWAT home design 5

An important addition to the living room is a cute POLKA basket by MOIMIO. Extremely capacious, light and effective bag in daily basis and here serves as a bin for newspapers and magazines. His beautiful, intensive shade of mint works perferctly in this interior.

POLKA /_ Single Space by KASIA ORWAT home design 6

The bedroom was a challenge for the designer. Small and tight, not too easy to arrange. After the change, however, is cozy and very feminine. The IKEA bed, has a comfortable headrest that encourages a long rest. The whole is cohesive and very romantic.

POLKA /_ Single Space by KASIA ORWAT home design 7

On the oblique wall above the bed, a wallpaper featuring famous covers of fashion magazines. An interesting and very feminine touch!

POLKA /_ Single Space by KASIA ORWAT home design 8

In the bedroom apart from the bed and dressing table there is no other furniture. Behind the headrest a hidden shelf, above hangs a practical cupboard, and additional space is also in two drawers bellow the bed. The bedroom is really small but thoughtfully packed!

POLKA /_ Single Space by KASIA ORWAT home design 9

Femininity has been highlighted consistently with the introduction of curved shapes. Rounded furniture and round additions interact coherently with each other. On the wall a composition with: DOTS hangers (MUUTO), SILK clock (KOZIOL) and KALIAS light by (ARTEMIDE).

POLKA /_ Single Space by KASIA ORWAT home design 10

A balloon-shaped lamp by BROKIS hangs from the ceiling, perfectly reflecting the optimistic character of the owner. Description by KOhd _Metamorphosis After crossing the threshold of this apartment for first time it was hard to believe that there lives an energetic young single girl. The old interior was impersonal and sad. There was just chaos, it was filled with random furniture and unnecessary items. It definitely needed a metamorphosis, even a revolution! Designers from studio KASIA ORWAT home design turned the place upside down – demolishing, merging, calming. For the interior to function, an spin-off of zones was needed. Living room has been enlarged by reducing the wall that used to separate it from the hallway, now carefully enter the living area. Kitchen – which was not subject to metamorphosis – has been simply refreshed with the wallpaper and open to the rest of the apartment by removing the door. The interior multifunctionality has been highlighted through walls that seamlessly move from one area to another. The main compositional buckle is a turquoise&gray wall that bounds the living room and entry area. The effect of diffusion is created through the floor – boards located in an unusual way – at an angle – highlight the liquid functionality of the apartment. What was needed was a change on the way of thinking. Previously a cluttered apartment, now a place filled only with the necessary furniture and objects. Chaos was conquered in the apartment by Scandinavian modesty. It is a woman-friendly space. And also very easy to clean up and keep tidy. Now the interior perfectly reflects the character of its owner: a feminine energetic woman with a large dose of humor. Visit KASIA ORWAT home design Photography by Weronika Trojanowska