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Arranging a child’s room is a real challenge. While arranging its space it is not hard to achieve unnecessary luxury, which makes the room hardly friendly and attractive for its small tenants. Fortunately, a prescription for a practical and stylish interiors was found by the residents of northern Europe, who since the thirties of the twentieth century delight the world with their projects. Scandinavian style, which we refer to, nowadays is more than just interior design scheme – it is a way to create your own idyllic, elegant and functional space, perfectly suited to both leisure and work.

Scandinavian Style Child’s Room 1

– source – Space to Learn Rooms used by children should fulfill several important functions. First of all, our children need to feel safe in them. Secondly, the room has to be a place for fun and games, so it can not be boring. Thirdly, it is a space to learn, and so it should not distract by the richness of colors and decorations. Arranging in Scandinavian mainstream allows you to reconcile all three aspects. An important advantage of this style is the brightness of the colors and the delicacy of texture and shapes. Scandinavian interiors are cozy, based on organic raw materials, such as wood , wool, and flax, whose presence in the children’s room encourages young tenants to live in harmony with nature. And yes, plastic chairs and metal desks are replaced with furniture made from fir-tree, spruce or oak . It is worth to retain their original severity or to paint them with a soft , white or pastel paint. Wood can also cover the floor and – as in the case of furniture – should remain natural, only protected with oil or varnish. The subtle, monochromatic colors in the workplace of a little pupil will allow him to focus on learning. Furnishing a child’s learning area, you can not forget his proper lighting. The Scandinavian style places an emphasis on natural sunlight – curtains and blinds in the room are not necessary. In addition, the interiors are also illuminated by the lamps, which brightness creates a warm aura glow, bouncing off the smooth walls.

Scandinavian Style Child’s Room 2

– source – Place to Rest While finishing learning, young members of the household only think about playing. A place where they can happily spend time should be arranged in such a way to let the play be safe as well as bring the little ones as much benefits as possible. Children love colors, which Scandinavian style provides excellently. Too much incentives and shapes can be obviously tiring, but here the colors and bold shapes appear only in the accessories. A colorful carpet, patterned wallpaper, wall mural or graphically simplified posters and images can become an interesting twist, giving life to subtle interior. Soft blankets and rugs, pillows with delicate texture, and fun teddy bears will be a joy for our children, by the way making the space more welcoming and friendly.

Scandinavian Style Child’s Room 3

– source – Scandinavian style is a bow to nature and its functionality. It is ideal solution for any kind of space. Arranging child’s room in this trend is not overly expensive or require intensive labor input, and the results kept its unforced beauty, both its creators (parents) and residents (children).

Scandinavian Style Child’s Room 4

Scandinavian Style Child’s Room 5

Scandinavian Style Child’s Room 6

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