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When there are siblings in the house with limited space to have their own room or space many parents are struggling with creating the space or fitting everything in one room. Many parents have requested me personally to come up with ideas and share more details about creating rooms for siblings in one family. There are so many families live in small houses or apartments with two or three kids where they face difficulty of giving space for each and every kid in the family. Some may have only boys or some may have only girls or may may have boy and girl, whom will face the greatest difficulty of turning one sharing room which will do the justice for both interests. So thought to share some ideas of creating fabulous sharing rooms for your kids which is attractive and functional too.

Sharing rooms for your kids 1

Common areas such as study areas, sitting areas and playing areas and also equally important private ones are necessary to preserve the peace in a room shared by two kids. Size is not as important as organized function paired with an understanding of the unique personalities and needs of the two kids who will use the room.

Sharing rooms for your kids 2

When our kids are very young, a shared play area can totally dominate the space. That means we’ll have to find a way to partially block off the sleeping area so that one child can rest quietly while the other one play, if necessary. Yet again we need to be careful and think methodically when it’s a boy and girl as their playing interests obviously differs to each other.

Sharing rooms for your kids 3

It is a fact that, doubled storage place for toys helps to promote shared responsibility and it let them learn and how to care for their own things. One amazing thing is the bond between the siblings takes to another level by these activities.

Sharing rooms for your kids 4

 School aged kids always require separate quiet places for reading, studying and hobby pursuits. Take in to account the different habits and interests of siblings when we are planning these places. As a child differentiates himself or with the growing age, develops his or her own interests, their need for private space, where they have total control.

Sharing rooms for your kids 5

 It is always benefit both children from having clearly defined areas where the other child cannot play or use things without asking his brother or sister first. But this become a problem a bit and more difficult when children who are separated by several years share space as younger children might not understand property rights as of yet. In these situations, walls or patricians make sharing a room easier.

Sharing rooms for your kids 6

In this case, it is necessary to know and list down the sharing areas such as play area, TV viewing area and hobby tables canoften accommodate overlapping needs. For older kids, separate desk and computer equipment may have to be planned while other favorite place for the younger one. Before we divide up the space in a room, it is really necessary to involve the kids in the planning process to avoid trouble between them but everybody to be happy with the results.

Sharing rooms for your kids 7

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