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Do you love buying clothes, shoes and bags? You also have free space in your house that most of the time remains unoccupied. Then why not provide your beloved possessions a home by setting up a walk in closet in your free space? Here are some walk in closets that will for sure do justice to your free space…

Walk in Closets For Shopaholic Closet Lovers! 1

: Lema Mobili 1. LEMA This sleek wardrobe is having lots of space with cloth hanging cabinets shelves for shoes & bags. You can also make use of the upper most chamber of the closet where you can put those things that you don’t use often like travel bags and blankets. This closet comes with two finishes that are wood and cast aluminium.

Walk in Closets For Shopaholic Closet Lovers! 2

: Poliform 2. Poliform This one is a very cool wardrobe named as ‘Close’. Its sliding glass doors give it a clean and modish look. This closet can be set in any room that is not in your use. Through the glass sliding doors you can sill see whole interior of the closet.

Walk in Closets For Shopaholic Closet Lovers! 3

: Bimax 3. Bimax This is a 3 sided wooden walk in closet with an utter elegant outlook. This wardrobe is provided with glass sliding doors as well if you like it to be enclosed.

Walk in Closets For Shopaholic Closet Lovers! 4

: LA Closet Design 4. LA Closet Design This closet is all what we call glamour. It has a dazzling white outlook with numerous shelves. This closet has carousels at the corner for your clothes. This closet is provided with laundry center as well. A white chandelier is also available with this closet.

Walk in Closets For Shopaholic Closet Lovers! 5

: California Closets 5. California Closets This is a soothing to eyes closet with sky blue and white tones. It has drawers, shelves and cabinets to place a variety of things. Moreover, it also has a slide out table that can be used as a mini study table.

Walk in Closets For Shopaholic Closet Lovers! 6

: Cabinet 6. Cabinet This closet is a depiction of true grace. Its colour is pastel green and it has a simple yet stylish appearance. Along with three sided wardrobe this closet also has a table in the centre with drawers and shoe racks so that the central area of the wardrobe is also utilized and provides storage.

Walk in Closets For Shopaholic Closet Lovers! 7

: Closet Innovations 7. Closet Innovations This is beauteous and decent walk in closet with creamy white finish. This wardrobe also has mirrors on the cupboard. It has ample space to accommodate your clothes, shoes and bags. In the centre it has a table with roomy cabinets.

Walk in Closets For Shopaholic Closet Lovers! 8

: Res Italia 8. Res This walk in closet range offered by Res is known as ‘Twin’. Both these closets have aqua toned hues combined with black.They have glass sliding doors with black or white frames. These capacious closets can cater pretty well to your closet storage needs.