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You have a room at the attic, and you want to use it functionally, not just to put old stuff or old furniture, and pile the dust upon them… What is the most suitable that you can do up there, having in mind the low narrow ceiling? 1. Reading. If you enjoy reading, or your type of work requires lots of reading, research and literature, you can use the attic to make a room where you can relax and read. Of course, you have to make big windows at the roof itself, so that you will have a lot of light. In order to use the space efficiently, you can put low bookshelves all around the room.

What is the attic most suitable for? 1

via Attic Designs 2. Working. If you are designer, painter, programmer, or something else that you requires peace, light, and of course working from home, you can turn your attic into a work-room, atelier, etc.  

What is the attic most suitable for? 2

                                                                                                     via PARA – Project 3. Sleeping. You are in horizontal, so you don’t have to worry about the height of the room and the ceiling, the attic can be a good-used space if you put your bedroom up there. You have to be careful when getting up, though!

What is the attic most suitable for? 3

                                                                                                    via Gast Architects